Helpful Advices

1. If you are unsure as to which cleaning materials to buy, we would recommend

The following products are the best for day to day use. CIF, Mr Muscle, Flash, Dettol.

For environmentally friendly products, we recommend the Ecover range.

These are available from all the major supermarkets.

2. Hoover Use

For the very best results we recommend the Miele range, currently available from John Lewis or via the internet.

Miele Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

3. Dusting Cloths and Furniture polish

The Pledge range of polish and cleaning cloths are excellent.

Pledge Dusting range

However to save expense and if you wish, we can recycle your old sheets and T shirts as cleaning cloths.

4. For excellent Oven Cleaning try the Oven Pride range. Click Here

5. To clean mould we recommend Dettol Mould & Mildew Click Here

6. To clean stainless steel surface we need to be extra careful. It’s good to have in your cupboard appropriate cleaning stuff such as CIF Stainless Steel and some baby oil.

7. We have found that one of the best products is Goddards Siver Dip and Brasso

8. CIF Cream. A brilliant multi function cleaning product, always have this in your cupboard, excellent for removing grease, other stains and restoring paint work. Click Here

9. Should you wish you’re bedding to be changed, please leave clean bed linen on the appropriate bed.

10. Should you consider it appropriate, and to provide easy access please leave a door key with your dedicated cleaner.

11. We would ask that you spend a few minutes before our visit to just tidy up, this letting us spend as much time as possible on providing you with the high level of service that you expect.

12. Easy Washing and Ironing.

Please always use Lenor or another brand fabric softener, this softens the material and facilitates ironing to give a better finish. When loading the washing machine with bed linen, it is always best to fold the sheets, this may sound strange but the wash is as clean as normal but it also makes the ironing so much easier.