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1. The Best Cleaning Products to Buy

The right cleaning products will depend on their intended use. For example, there are ones more suited for day to day cleaning or even different types of flooring. If you’re unsure as to which materials to buy, we’re happy to provide a list of the most suitable products

If you are unsure as to which cleaning materials to buy, we would recommend

The following products are the best for day to day use. CIF, Mr Muscle, Flash, Dettol.

For environmentally friendly products, we recommend the Ecover range.

2. Hoover Use

A good vacuum cleaner helps us to clean all of your floors efficiently, without wasting any time while meeting our high cleaning standards. For the very best results, we highly recommend the Miele range of hoovers. You can buy their floorcare appliances online or in-store at John Lewis.

We recommend:

3. Wooden Floors

Don’t forget about your wooden flooring. The best practice is not to use excessive amounts of water, so we recommend the use of a flat microfibre mop alongside a special wood floor cleaner. Here are some of the latest offerings from Amazon.

4. Sponges & Scourers

When buying sponges, we highly recommend you choose non-scratch ones to avoid harming your surfaces. Therefore, please ensure you do NOT provide sponges with a green scourer. The material is too abrasive and may cause damage.

Some of the most delicate sponges on the market include:

5. Oven Cleaning

We all know how tough it can be to clean an oven, so good products are essential to remove as much grime as possible. For excellent oven cleaning results, try the Oven Pride range. Click here to select some of their best products.

6. Mould Remover

It’s important to tackle mould and mildew in the home as it arises. We recommend the use of Dettol Mould & Mildew Remover for excellent results.

7. Stainless Steel Surfaces

We have to be extra careful when cleaning stainless steel, using products suitable for this type of surface. Good cleaning products to keep in your cupboard include those in the Cif Stainless Steel range which you can find in supermarkets and online. Baby oil can also be used to achieve a shine.

8. Cif Cream

Cif Cream is a brilliant, multi-functional cleaning product. Always keep a bottle of this in your cupboard as it is excellent for removing grease and other stains, as well as restoring paintwork.

9. Changing Bedding

Should you wish for us to change your bedding, please leave clean linen on the appropriate bed. Although we usually allocate time for this task, let us know if you’d like it included so that we can plan accordingly.

10. Tidying Up Before We Arrive

Before our visit, it makes a difference when clients take a few minutes to quickly tidy up. This helps our cleaners to spend as much time as possible providing the high level of service you expect. We don’t allocate time for dishwashing or getting each room ready for cleaning services, so please let us know if you’ll need some help with this.

11. Easy Washing & Ironing

To help us achieve the best results, please use Lenor or another good brand of fabric softener when washing clothes and bedding. These products soften materials to facilitate easier ironing and a better finish. When loading the washing machine with bed linen, it’s always best to fold the sheets. This may sound strange, but it doesn’t affect how clean the wash is and makes ironing so much easier. For men’s shirts, please air dry on hangers.

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