Keeping homes clean, tidy and clutter-free is challenging for busy professionals juggling work, family and other personal commitments. However, with some handy cleaning hacks, you can save yourself time and effort when maintaining your living spaces.

Here are some of our top cleaning tips for busy households.

Create a manageable cleaning plan and checklist

The first step to success is creating a manageable cleaning plan and checklist. Rather than attempting to tackle your entire home in one go each week, break it down into smaller, more achievable tasks.

Consider dividing cleaning duties by room or specific jobs like dusting and vacuuming, allocating a set time to do this, aligning with your availability. Having a plan in place helps you stay organised and prevents overwhelm, taking the pressure off in between.

Keep on top of cleaning well-used areas of the home

A ‘clean as you go’ mantra is often easier said than done in busy households when you need to be out the door on time and have other priorities. In more hectic periods, focus your cleaning efforts on the areas of your home that see the most use.

High-traffic zones, such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, tend to accumulate dirt and clutter quickly. Devote a few minutes each day to these spaces to stop mess piling up. For example, make it a habit to wipe down kitchen countertops after meal preparation. Consistent, small efforts can make a significant difference.

Declutter and maximise storage to make cleaning easier

Completing cleaning chores feels like having a mountain to climb when your home is full of clutter, making tasks more time-consuming and frustrating. As a busy professional, consider regularly decluttering your living spaces. Donate or discard items you no longer need and find practical storage solutions to keep your belongings organised.

Use dead space for storage bins, shelves and cabinets to store possessions out of sight, giving you extra room to efficiently clean surfaces and floors without having to move items around.

Know the best cleaning products for fast results

Selecting the right cleaning tools can speed up the process, as you won’t waste time searching for specific cleaners or switching between products. Multi-purpose cleaners are great, although always check they’re suitable for the surface you intend to use them on.

We also highly recommend microfibre cloths for dusting, wiping and cleaning surfaces without the need for high-chemical products. They can also save you time and money as they pick up dirt more easily than disposable cleaning wipes.

Outsource cleaning tasks to someone else

When you’re busy, asking someone else to do chores like cleaning is a godsend, giving you back something that’s hard to find more of – time! Cleaning tasks should never be a one-person job, so make sure you talk to your family or anyone else you live with to keep everyone on the same page about responsibilities.

For those with demanding schedules, outsourcing cleaning tasks can be a game-changer. Hiring a professional cleaning service to keep your home in shape on a regular basis can free up your time and ensure your spaces remain consistently clean.

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