Whether you’re planning a new garden design or giving your grass some TLC after harsh winter conditions, it’s time to look after your lawn and get it back to tip-top shape. As the warmer climate and sunshine creep back into our lives and gardens, it won’t be long before everything comes to life again. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do this spring to keep your grass looking healthy and well-kempt while preparing it for summer.

Here are some of our best spring lawn care tips.

Clear debris from your grass

To assess the true state of your lawn, start by clearing any debris that’s worked its way onto your grass during the winter. This includes twigs, leaves, moss and small stones. These can often be cleared by gently raking the grass once it starts to grow again. This process can also improve water filtration and air circulation across your lawn, leading to healthier turf.

Any stones should be removed from your grass before you mow, or they could damage the blades. You should also weed unwanted plants before they start spreading.

Feed your lawn

Do you want to encourage new lawn growth and reignite shoots in bare patches? Spreading a high-nitrogen lawn feed is one of the perfect tasks to complete early to mid-spring if your grass requires a boost after the winter.

Look for a spring lawn fertiliser, and always read the instructions carefully to ensure the best outcomes and reduce the environmental impact. If you haven’t completed this job by the end of spring, purchase a summer lawn fertiliser instead. 

Regular lawn maintenance and grass cutting

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep a lawn looking and feeling healthy. This includes regular lawn mowing once the grass has started to grow in the spring, deterring weed growth and keeping your garden neat and tidy.

Always cut grass in mild, dry conditions, and the first cut of the year should be completed on the mower’s highest setting. Spring is also the perfect time to gain control over your edges, stopping grass from imposing on your flower beds and garden borders.

Hire a lawn care expert

Are you tired of the time and effort it takes to keep your grass in good condition throughout the seasons? One of the easiest solutions is to hire a lawn care expert.

Good companies will provide a wide range of lawn care solutions, so you can request the best services for your needs. This includes regular grass cutting, turfing services, work to edges and borders, weed killer application, seeding, leaf clearance, lawn aeration and more.

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