Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful lawn or want a new garden design, starting any landscaping project can be daunting. However, it can be a really exciting and rewarding process if you work with the right experts, revitalising your spaces to ensure your garden meets your needs.

Follow these first steps to landscaping a stunning garden.

Step 1: Assess your existing garden space

The first step in any landscaping project is to assess your existing garden space. Begin by walking around and noting its current condition. This means checking soil, plants, trees and structural features (such as paths) that you may want to keep or get rid of.

The size and shape of your garden will influence the layout of your new garden design and help you visualise what you want to include. You should also observe where sunlight moves across your garden throughout the day, identifying spots receiving full sunlight, as well as those in partial or full shade at various times.

Step 2: What do you want to achieve?

Think about what is stopping you from using your garden more often. Is it overlooked? Is it untidy? Or maybe you’ve bought a new-build property and want to create a lovely garden from scratch. Making a list of your challenges will aid plans later on.

What’s the main purpose of your garden? Do you want spaces for growing vegetables, entertaining, children’s play zones or relaxing? Understanding what you want to achieve can help you design zones that perfectly suit your needs.

Consider how much time you’ll have to maintain your outdoor spaces and whether you need some garden maintenance help. This may give you more flexibility when designing your perfect garden, knowing you’ll have help with its upkeep. You should also set a budget for the landscaping project.

Step 3: Get inspired and do your research

Before attempting a garden design, gather inspiration and research things you like about other spaces. This could be through looking at books and magazines, browsing images online or visiting public gardens.

Note down features you love, including raised beds vs inground gardens, flower colours, paths, water features, patios, decking, fences, symmetrical designs and more. Find images of gardens of a similar size and shape to yours so you can visualise what you could include in plans while keeping your aims from Step 2 in mind.

Create an ideas mood board to aid landscaping consultations with your garden design team.

Step 4: Work with a landscaping team to create your dream garden

Finally, with budgets set and a clearer vision, book a consultation with a landscaping company. They can help you create your dream outdoor space.

During consultations, they’ll bring your ideas to life, using all the lovely inspiration you’ve gathered along the way. They can advise about what will work (and what won’t work!), showing you how to make use of the space’s full potential.

From there, first plans will be made, which can be adjusted before the work begins.

Work with a garden design team

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