Yuliya and 'Efficient Cleaning London' have been keeping my house clean for three years now. They are friendly and extremely organised. They work around me and my family well and use their initiative to keep my house spotless. Each week they leave my house looking like a show home. They are 'Efficient' by name and 'efficient' by nature.
Diane, Surbiton

A a domestic cleaning company that I have now been using for more than five years; during this time I have always found them to be most reliable, friendly and helpful. They have always proved to be very flexible and cooperative. On the odd occasion when it has been inconvenient for me, I have contacted them to rearrange my appointment, and this has been rescheduled without any problem. This is a company that prides itself on a high level of service and one that will not let you down: I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Rod, New Malden

I have been using this company for over two years now; they are superb, so much so that I have been able to recommend them to both neighbours and friends.
Rebbecca, Esher

Efficient Cleaning London have listened to our individual requirements and the results are first class. Many Thanks.
Jonathan, Kingston upon Thames

I've used this company for a couple of years now - I have had great service from them, and my cleaner is thorough, reliable and trustworthy. Highly recommended.
Emma, Richmond

For me, as a working mum, it's really difficult trying to keep up with all the cleaning work. I was concerned about asking someone else to help me in case they didn't do a good job or were too expensive. I needn't have worried. Efficient Cleaning turn up on time, every time, leave the flat looking spotless, and, best of all I can afford them!
AJ, Kingston

I work really long hours in my job, which is why I looked in to getting some help with the ironing. Efficient Cleaning said they could come to my home and do the work there. The price they quoted was very reasonable so I agreed for them to visit. That night I got back to find all my shirts, trousers and bed sheets perfectly ironed and neatly folded. Thank you for doing such a great job.
MG, Worcester Park

As a landlord, I own a lot of properties, all of which need to be cleaned when the tenants move out. I tried doing the work myself but couldn't find the time. I was also let down by a couple of local companies recently. Efficient Cleaning were really a breath of fresh air, as they turned up when they said they would and left the house looking immaculate. I now use them for all my Surrey properties.
JL, Ewell

We did our best to clear up after the party, but to be honest we didn't do a very good job. Even when the rubbish had all been cleared away there were stains on the carpet we couldn't get out and so we decided to bite the bullet and pay for someone to come round and make the place look clean and tidy again. After a few hours the flat was all polished, the carpets clean and mirrors sparkling. Thank you for doing such a great job!

I spend a lot of time abroad, which means I find it really hard to keep my house clean and tidy. Efficient Cleaning said they could do all my housework for me while I was away. They were very polite and their quote wasn’t expensive, so I said yes. Although I was apprehensive, I returned home two months later to find my flat looking bright and clean and tidy. I now use Efficient Cleaning every time I have to go away for business.
DF, Wimbledon

Our kids create a lot of mess and we try hard to tidy up after them so that the place doesn't get too cluttered. Recently we began struggling to do this, especially after a long working week, so we rang up Efficient Cleaning and asked if they could come round each Monday to tidy up the mess created over the weekend! Now we get to come home after work to a house that doesn't look like a bomb site - and it doesn't cost the earth either!
AT & RT, Chessington

After our home had been redecorated there was a lot of mess left behind. There was dirt and grime all over the windows, rubbish littering the floor, and staining all around the skirting boards. We were too tired to do the cleaning work ourselves, so we called Efficient Cleaning and they gave us a really good quote and we asked them to come round and help. Within a matter of hours our home was looking as good as new and we were delighted!
SJ & TJ, Thames Ditton

Getting all the housework done when you live on isn't easy. I put off asking for help because I thought it would be expensive, but was pleasantly surprised when the lady at Efficient Cleaning told me what the cost would be. They always turn up when they say they will and sometimes even help with extra things at short notice if I ask them to. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else in my situation looking for some help with their housework!
MS, Morden

I'm a single parent, which sometimes makes it hard to keep the house ticking over properly. I was really pleased after I called Efficient Cleaning, as they said they could do the occasional one off appointment when I needed it. The price was really good, so I said yes. Now they come round on a regular basis and it gives me time to the other things around the house that I've been putting off.

I manage to do the cleaning in my property quite happily. But Spring Cleaning is a really big job and this year I didn't feel up to it. The person I spoke to at Efficient Cleaning asked me a few questions about what I needed, and checked that I had the right products at home for them to use; the next day they came round and completed the work quietly and without a fuss. I was very pleased with their work.
NG, Esher

Tenants often leave my properties in a real mess. I have my own contractors, but they're not always available to do the work. I decided to call a local cleaning company this time to see what they could do. The price they gave for the work was good, and the woman I spoke to on the phone made some useful suggestions, so I asked them to come round and sort the flat out. The next day I popped round to see how they'd done and was pleased to see everything restored to normal!

We had a party at our home to celebrate our daughter's 30th birthday. Because we were going away the next day, we knew we wouldn't be able to tidy everything up in time before we left. My husband called Efficient Cleaning to see if they could come round the day afterwards to clean away all the rubbish, hoover, and just get everything all clean and sparkling again. We returned to a house that looked better than it had before the party - so thank you Efficient Cleaning for doing such a great job.

I have to confess, I hate ironing and am not very good at it. The only thing that'd been putting me off asking for help was the price. In fact, after a quick chat with one of the people at Efficient Cleaning, I realised that I could afford their services after all. Now they come round once a week to iron and fold my sheets and clothes - which really makes a difference to my lifestyle. Highly recommended.
PL, Sunbury

Our house is quite big and as we've got a little bit older we don't have the time or the energy to keep all of the rooms clean and tidy. We decided to get some help with this, and rang up Efficient Cleaning to see whether they could come round once a week to do some general housework. It's made a really big difference as we now only need to worry about the little things. The people that come round are also very polite and work around you without a fuss.
HL & TL, Ashtead

I'm out and about a lot - seeing friends, going down the gym, working long hours. So it's not always easy to keep my flat in good shape. One of my friends said they used Efficient Cleaning and that they weren't too pricey, so I called them up and asked if they could pop round every other week to tidy my place up and give it a general clean. They always do a really good job and if I give them some notice they help with other things too, like the ironing.
YS, Banstead

I just bought a flat and it needed a lot of work doing to it before I could move in. Afterwards the place was all dusty and the builders had left lots of packaging everywhere. There were marks on the windows and the ovens too. I couldn't do it all by myself, so I asked Efficient Cleaning if they could help me. The next day their team arrived, cleared away all the mess, and left the place looking like brand new. Really quick and friendly service too!
DE, Sutton

Hiring a part time domestic cleaner from Efficient Cleaning has really made a difference to my lifestyle. The girls who come round are really friendly and work very quickly and quietly, which is good for me as I work from home and need to concentrate because my job is quite technical and detailed. It's worth paying the modest fee each month for this sort of help because I get to devote more time to my business.
TF, Molesley

Efficient Cleaning were already working as full time cleaners for my husband and I when I asked whether they could also help with our ironing. We're hardly ever at the property, due to a very busy social life, and working long hours, so we were delighted when they agreed to take on this extra job as well. Without their help we just wouldn't be able to maintain our current lifestyle, so it's money well spent.
JM and KM, Hampton

As part of our job, we often have to entertain our clients at home. Clearing up after each party is a big task, especially when you are holding two or three of these sorts of functions every month. That's why we decided to find a local cleaning company who could come round in the morning to clear up the place. Efficient Cleaning offered the best quote and we were very happy with the work they did - which is why they now come round on a regular basis.
TN & SN, Motspur Park

Recently things got a bit busy for us - what with my daughter having a baby. We started spending a bit more time away from home and started struggling with the cleaning. After finding Efficient Cleaning in the telephone directory, we asked if they could come round occasionally and do some basic housework. We now use them whenever we need to go away and visit my daughter, because we know the work will be done to the best possible standard.
JL & SL, Ewell