Expert Tips for Cleaning Different Types of Flooring

While floor to ceiling cleaning allows you to keep on top of dust and dirt, helping your home stay spotless, it’s not as easy as wiping a cloth over everything. Different types of flooring often require different products and techniques to prevent them from being damaged during the cleaning process and to get the best results. Here are our expert tips for cleaning some of the most common types of flooring in the home. Continue reading

How Landlords Can Use Cleaners to Help Them Find New Tenants

Becoming a landlord is a great way to bring in regular income and get a good return on your initial property investment. However, it’s important to find tenants as soon as possible, especially if the previous ones have just moved out, and you won’t be receiving their monthly rent anymore. Luckily, professional cleaners can help you reduce the turnaround time between tenants. Here’s how. Continue reading

Top 5 Carpet Stains & How to Prevent Them

Carpets are a lovely choice for flooring, making rooms feel cosier and being softer underfoot than tiles, wood or laminates. However, when stains occur, carpet cleaning is often something people find frustrating and challenging, especially in the case of pale-coloured carpets. Luckily, we’ve put together our tips for preventing some of the most common carpet stains you may encounter. Continue reading

Don’t Lose Your Rental Deposit by Leaving Mess Behind

When coming to the end of your tenancy or rental agreement, there’s always a lot to organise, from the moving out process to what you’ll need to take to your next home. Whether you’re a student heading back home or you’re moving into a new place, it’s important to get as much of your original deposit back as you can. Here are a few things to consider, including how end of tenancy cleaning services could help you get back your deposit in full. Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

We often view cleaning as a way to make our homes more presentable, whether it’s spotless bathrooms or ensuring our carpets don’t look in need of a thorough clean. However, there are actually a lot of other benefits too, especially if you don’t just stick to regular maintenance (like hoovering, dusting etc.) but also consider a deeper, professional clean. Here are some of the ways carpet cleaning could improve your health and well-being. Continue reading

These Are the Spots Most People Miss when Cleaning Their Home

Sometimes you think your home feels clean and tidy, but once you start looking at the details, you notice dust and dirt in places you hadn’t even thought of looking. With many planning a full spring clean of their home now the warmer weather is on the way, it’s important to do as thorough a clean as possible. The little details affect the results which is why those who use a professional cleaner notice a big difference to both the look and feel of each space. Here’s our guide to the spots that most people miss when cleaning. Continue reading

Is a Dirty Oven Affecting Your Cooking Success?

Do you have a cake that just won’t bake as the recipe describes? Perhaps you’re finding cooking times aren’t as expected? It could be because your oven is dirty, damaging its performance, affecting everything from the taste of your food to the temperatures that certain meals cook at best. Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Bathroom Is Clean

One of the areas of the home which can feel like it’s consistently dirty is the bathroom, being the place where the whole family might shower, go to the toilet, use the sink and get ready for the day. Unfortunately, the materials used for tiles and fixtures like your sink, toilet, bath and shower screen can be very unforgiving when it comes to showing up dust, hairs, dirt, soap residue, mildew and other particles we regularly find in our bathrooms.

Here are some of our expert tips for ensuring your bathroom is as clean as possible. Continue reading