A key part of good lawn care is grass cutting, so you should implement the best mowing schedules and techniques to keep everything looking tidy and healthy. However, with busy lives, it can be hard to keep on top of things and give your outdoor spaces the care and attention they need.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together this handy guide to lawn mowing.

When’s the best time to cut your grass?

Your lawn should be mown between March and October, when conditions are usually warm enough for grass to grow. Otherwise, grass cutting isn’t needed unless you’re tidying up an overgrown space.

When scheduling your lawn mowing, avoid times when the grass is wet, such as when dew is present early in the day. This can cause the turf to tear rather than create a neat and even cut.

What height should you cut your grass?

Most mowers will have height adjustment settings to help you cut grass at the right level. For your average domestic garden lawn, grass should be kept at around 1.5 inches in the spring and autumn but shorter in the summer at 0.5 to 1 inch long. You should give new grass some time to settle in until it grows to around 2 inches.

Regular mowing prevents the need to cut too much height off at any time. You should choose the highest blade setting for the first cut in the spring, but if you’re trying to get long grass under control, strim it first. Avoid cutting grass too low for sustained periods to avoid drought damage and bare patches.

How often should grass be cut?

Mow your lawn every one to two weeks to keep it in good condition. This ensures your grass looks neat and tidy, removes weeds and encourages healthy growth. During warmer years, if your grass continues to grow outside March and October, you may need to mow earlier or for longer than expected.

While mowing once a week is commonplace in the summer, you may want to limit this to fortnightly if there’s a drought.

Is professional grass mowing worth it?

A professional lawn mowing service is something many households choose, saving them time, hassle and energy while keeping their garden in the best shape. You may even be able to request particular finishes, such as a striped lawn appearance.

A lawn care expert can also advise you about any issues you’re having with your grass, such as recurring weed growth, bare areas and returfing, getting your lawn to the place you want it to be in.

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