At this time of year, winter bugs and viruses are a lot more common, so keeping them out of your home is a must to help maintain your family’s health. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can ensure your home remains as healthy and hygienic as possible without spending hours cleaning.

Follow these top tips for a flu-free season.

Deep-clean your home to flu-proof itWhere are hotspots for germs in the home?

One of the ways flu and other viruses spread is by touching common surfaces, so you may want to think about keeping some of these hot spots clean. This includes your toilet, sinks, light switches, desks and even towels or dishcloths. Flu viruses can remain active for several hours, so it’s important to keep on top of cleaning tasks, and if someone in your home does become unwell, use hand sanitiser regularly.

Use high-quality cleaning products

If you want to sanitise your home’s surfaces, using good quality cleaning products is a must. Many products will only tackle bacteria, but you can get hold of antiviral wipes or disinfectant sprays which provide a deeper clean. If you want to use products already available in the home, white wine vinegar is good at keeping germs at bay.

With anything you use for cleaning, remember to check its compatibility with the surface you use it on, especially when using harsh cleaning materials on delicate areas, such as wood. We’d highly recommend microfibre cloths for cleaning as they remove a multitude of sins from contaminated sites.

Keep your kitchen clean

One area that needs attention is your kitchen, especially if you have guests coming over for the festive season. Be extra careful when preparing and serving any food as germs can often be transferred from hands. Remember to wipe down all surfaces in use, including countertops, microwaves and chopping boards. You should also replace kitchen sponges regularly as they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

How can you prevent the spread of flu in your home?

As much as you keep your home clean, it’s hard to stop viruses from spreading if one of your family becomes ill. However, you can help lower the chances of infection with some simple steps.

This includes ensuring you have lots of soap available at hand washing facilities, such as in your kitchen and bathrooms. Ask for shoes to be left on the doormat, keep tissue boxes readily available to catch coughs and sneezes, and avoid sharing certain items (e.g. towels) with anyone unwell.

Save time with professional cleaning services

If you want to save time and make sure your home remains as clean as possible, why not hire a professional cleaner? At Efficient Cleaning London, we provide reliable solutions all year round, ensuring you keep on top of household demands. Whether you live in Cheam, Earlsfield or further afield, we’ll put together a custom plan for your home cleaning needs.

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