Have house plants & keep your home clean

Have house plants & keep your home clean

Indoor plants can create a wonderfully relaxing environment, and they also help to cleanse the air and beautify your home. However, even the most green-fingered gardener can find that caring for indoor plants is a challenge, as they seek to create a plant-friendly environment that doesn’t come with added messiness (and extra insect wildlife). Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can nurture your house plants without sacrificing your lovely clean home to the cause, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of a greener living space.

Get pruning!

One of the simplest ways to keep your plants both looking tidy and feeling happy is to prune away any dead or dying flowers or wayward stems (before they drop off and litter your freshly cleaned surfaces). For indoor plants, you can usually rely on your thumb and forefinger to firmly remove any unsightly flowers or leaves – and any stems or branches that you want to take back can be removed with a small pair of gardening secateurs.

Keep your plants clean and watered

Indoor plants are wonderful for oxygenising the room, especially when they’re sitting in a sunny spot, but accumulations of dust or grime on the leaves can restrict photosynthesis, slowing down oxygen production as well as plant growth. Some plants love to be misted with water using a misting spray bottle (especially orchids, ferns and tropical plants), which helps to keep the leaves clean and fresh-looking. Other plants, however, might benefit more from wiping the leaves down using a piece of wet cloth or cotton wool. If you want us to factor this into your cleaning service, just let us know.

Working out the right amount of water for your plants can be tricky, and overwatering your plants may attract insects, lead to mouldy plant pots and plant diseases, or even create unpleasant smells from an oversaturated and undrained base. Get to know your plants to figure out the best way to care for and water them.

Create bigger homes for growing plants

If your plants are bursting out of their plant pots, repotting them will help them to stay healthy and happy, and stop them from dying away and creating a mess on your windowsills. However, repotting can be a messy business. Take your plants outside to avoid a repotting mess, and consider using a small scoop (such as an ice-cream scoop, or a clean washing powder scoop) to add any extra soil to the pot before you’re done, helping you avoid a soil-scattered worktop.

At Efficient Cleaning London, we understand that every home has different needs – whether you have indoor plants, children or pets, or just want to request specific services to help you maintain a beautiful home. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your domestic cleaning needs – factoring in careful attention to your plants.