Are You Making Your Home Dirtier As You Clean?

Do you ever feel like you’ve cleaned your home for hours and somehow it doesn’t feel fresh like you wanted it to? Or maybe you think you’ve done a thorough job, but it doesn’t take long before it looks and feels dirty again. Sometimes, the methods and techniques used when cleaning the home could actually be making them dirtier or making issues worse. Here’s why. Continue reading

How to Avoid These Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

We all know how tempting it is to throw yourself into spring cleaning activities without a plan, but it’s essential to think carefully about what you want to achieve, how long it will take and what you need to get started. It’s easy to fall into the hidden pitfalls, so here are four common spring cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them. Continue reading

Stop Damaging Your Surfaces when Cleaning

We all know what a chore cleaning can be, but it’s all worth it when you see how sparkling your home looks afterwards. However, if you don’t use the right methods to clean the various surfaces within your home, you could end up causing more damage than good. That’s why it’s so important to assess what needs cleaning and the right products and techniques required. Follow our expert cleaning tips. Continue reading

How to Help Your Cleaner Achieve the Best Results

When using a professional cleaner, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure they can achieve the best results in your home. Although they’ll bring their best cleaning skills to ensure your property remains sparkling, some of the products, equipment and tools you supply can enhance the results as much as possible. Follow our helpful advice. Continue reading

These Are the Spots Most People Miss when Cleaning Their Home

Sometimes you think your home feels clean and tidy, but once you start looking at the details, you notice dust and dirt in places you hadn’t even thought of looking. With many planning a full spring clean of their home now the warmer weather is on the way, it’s important to do as thorough a clean as possible. The little details affect the results which is why those who use a professional cleaner notice a big difference to both the look and feel of each space. Here’s our guide to the spots that most people miss when cleaning. Continue reading

Is a Dirty Oven Affecting Your Cooking Success?

Do you have a cake that just won’t bake as the recipe describes? Perhaps you’re finding cooking times aren’t as expected? It could be because your oven is dirty, damaging its performance, affecting everything from the taste of your food to the temperatures that certain meals cook at best. Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading

How a Clean Home Helps You Achieve a Stress-Free Christmas

As much as we love the festive season, it can certainly raise stress levels when there are so many things to think about. As you’re starting to make your plans for this year’s Christmas activities, there’s a sure-fire way to make things easier. Maintaining a clean home may seem like the least of your priorities when there’s so much else going on, but it can actually help you achieve a stress-free December. Here’s our guide to enjoying your home more than ever this season. Continue reading

Why does your home look dirtier when the sun shines?

Why does your home look dirtier when the sun shines?When the sun shines, everything feels brighter and more positive, making us feel happier. This includes the home – it is lovely when the living space is flooded with natural light and you can throw open the windows to let the fresh air in. On the other hand, sunlight has an annoying habit of showing up all the little marks and dirty patches around our home, and highlighting any dust that has settled on the surfaces. So, during the summer months, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of your cleaning (or share the chores with a professional cleaner), so that your home looks fresh, sparkling and summery at all times. Continue reading