Sometimes you think your home feels clean and tidy, but once you start looking at the details, you notice dust and dirt in places you hadn’t even thought of looking. With many planning a full spring clean of their home now the warmer weather is on the way, it’s important to do as thorough a clean as possible. The little details affect the results which is why those who use a professional cleaner notice a big difference to both the look and feel of each space. Here’s our guide to the spots that most people miss when cleaning.

Which areas of the home are usually ignored during cleaning? Includes skirting boards & door frames, switches & sockets, under appliances, bins and furniture. Ask a professional cleaner for spring cleaning services.

Skirting Boards & Door Frames

With so much emphasis on cleaning carpets, tiles and floors, we often forget about features on our walls. Two of the areas which get ignored are skirting boards and door frames, and if yours are white, the dust can be really visible. Most hoovers have attachable tools for you to get into those awkward crevices, but a normal duster will often do the trick once you implement this into your regular cleaning routine.

Switches & Sockets

Your light switches and electrical sockets are two of the places in the home which get touched day in, day out, so germs and bacteria can gather here really easily. Most people forget to wipe these down (although care must always be taken around electrics), meaning that all sorts of particles could’ve built up. Not only that, but the plastic materials used are notorious for gathering dust, so ensure you clean around the edges too. Consider other items which get handled the most in your house, including remote controls, door handles, bannisters, radiator dials and touch screen devices.

Under Appliances & Bins

Some people are really good about cleaning both their appliances and those spots around them, but when was the last time you lifted up your microwave, toaster or bread bin? No doubt all sorts of crumbs will have made their way underneath. The same can be said for your bin (especially those in the kitchen or bathroom), where rubbish and waste often gets disposed of in a hurry. Because bins are on the floor, you could be leaving all sorts of germs, food and liquid traces in these areas which could cause odours and attract mites. If you think your bins are creating a bad smell in the room, even after emptying them, try cleaning the inside them before replacing the bag.


Furniture is often missed out when cleaning the home, despite the fact that if ignored, particles are worked more deeply into the fibres than if they are removed on a regular basis. One of the main culprits for gathering crumbs and particles is your sofa, including the cushions, sides and even underneath and behind. If your furniture is looking a little tired or has stains, a great solution is using an upholstery cleaning service to restore items back to pristine condition.

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