When you think about cleaning services, you probably imagine sparkling tiles, dust-free homes and clean carpets. However, one of the lesser known services provided by professional cleaners is upholstery cleaning services.

Here are some of the ways they can restore furniture to looking its best.

Upholstery cleaning experts: How to restore the look of your furnitureWhat Are Upholstery Cleaning Services?

Upholstery refers to the materials fixed to parts of your furniture such as the fabric covering the seat. Just like with our clothes or carpet, anything from skin particles to dirt and dust can transfer and embed themselves in your furniture, leaving them looking less than their best. The ideal solution for this issue is upholstery cleaning. This type of service is suitable for things like your sofas and armchairs which may require a deeper clean.

Furniture Restoration

Using the latest techniques, professional cleaners will restore upholstery to near-new condition. If you’re worried about losing the texture or colour of your furniture, you’ll be in safe hands with an upholstery cleaning specialist. They understand what to look for, examining your furniture closely before creating a plan of action. In this pre-clean inspection, they’ll identify the fabrics used on your sofa, assess its existing condition and agree the best solution. At the end, they’ll ask you to review the results, and you’ll see that you’re left with clean, dry furniture which looks great and feels better to use.

Modern Tools & Techniques

High quality equipment and techniques used by specialist upholstery cleaners deliver fast results, offering a consistently high level of service every time. They’ll use specific tools for the item they’re cleaning, ensuring there’s no risk of damage to either your furniture or the foam that creates the cushion on your seating. Not only do they clean upholstery, but use deep clean techniques which will sanitise them too, destroying any harmful or dangerous bacteria lingering in the fabric. This is a great way of looking after your family’s health, helping to reduce allergens, dust mites, pet waste and germs which could make them more vulnerable to infections and viruses.

Stain Removal

Got any tough stains you need removing from your furniture? This is also something professional cleaners are experts at, having training in the right techniques to remove stains which have been worked deeply into the fibres. This includes anything from food and drink spillages to mud, dirt and grease. They can remove these stains from a variety of different materials such as leather sofas and fabric cushions.

Regular Upholstery Cleaning

To give your furniture the care it deserves, book in regular upholstery cleaning to maintain its look. This means you can tackle issues before they become a problem, ensuring you don’t turn around one day and realise your sofas are the reason your living room never looks 100% clean. You can often book this in advance or as part of your regular domestic cleaning.

Want to book a furniture cleaning service?

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