One of the areas of the home which can feel like it’s consistently dirty is the bathroom, being the place where the whole family might shower, go to the toilet, use the sink and get ready for the day. Unfortunately, the materials used for tiles and fixtures like your sink, toilet, bath and shower screen can be very unforgiving when it comes to showing up dust, hairs, dirt, soap residue, mildew and other particles we regularly find in our bathrooms.

Here are some of our expert tips for ensuring your bathroom is as clean as possible.

Expert tips to ensuring your bathroom is completely spotless. Includes cleaning advice for walls, tiles, floors, fixtures & fine details to leave your bathroom sparkling. Remove the hassle by hiring a professional cleaner.

Before You Start

Before you begin, it’s important to clear the decks, making sure that you can get to every nook and cranny without items like your bath mat, toilet brush and shampoo bottles getting in the way.


A good place to start when cleaning your bathroom is all of the fixtures and fittings. One of our top tips is to remember to clean the outside of these too. Many homeowners just focus on the inside of their shower, bathtub, toilet and sink, forgetting that the outside is the first thing people see and will pick up all sorts of particles.


Tiled walls and shower screens will often look less than shiny due to a build-up of watermarks, limescale and excess toiletries, as well as the dirt that’s washed off in the bath and shower. These should be washed and cleaned using products which are appropriate for the type of tiles in your bathroom. If using a stronger product to remove limescale, check it’s suitable for use with the materials you’re using it on.


Your floors should be the last thing you clean. Otherwise, you may find they get messy again when cleaning other features of your bathroom. Carpets should be hoovered, but if you have a tiled floor it’s important to mop them and clean the grout. If you have laminate or vinyl flooring, you may need to find a few low impact cleaning techniques, including sweeping and mopping with warm (but never hot) water – but don’t ever drench the floors. Check what type of flooring you have and don’t use techniques which will cause any damage.

Fine Details

Some of the places the most dirt, bacteria and germs can build up in your bathroom are the same places which people forget to wipe over. This includes mirrors, light switches, picture frames, cabinets, toilet roll holders, door handles, taps and your skirting. Don’t forget to put your bath mat through a washing machine cycle and wipe over bins, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and anything else which gathers dust.

Ask a Professional

One of the easiest ways to ensure your bathroom remains clean and sparkling is to ask a professional cleaner to perform a deep clean and then regularly after that to maintain its spotless appearance. That’s precisely what we offer here at Efficient Cleaning London, providing a range of domestic cleaning services to save you time and stress. We cover a wide area of South West London and Surrey, including Kew, Ewell, Wallington and Molesey.

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