Signs Your Carpet Needs a Professional Deep Clean

Are you considering a professional carpet clean? Over time, carpets often lose that ‘brand new’ feel as they’re walked on, and anything from dust to dirt get worked into the fibres. That’s why a deeper clean can transform the look and feel of your rooms.

There are plenty of reasons you should consider expert carpet cleaning services, and here are just a few. Continue reading

Expert Tips for Cleaning Different Types of Flooring

While floor to ceiling cleaning allows you to keep on top of dust and dirt, helping your home stay spotless, it’s not as easy as wiping a cloth over everything. Different types of flooring often require different products and techniques to prevent them from being damaged during the cleaning process and to get the best results. Here are our expert tips for cleaning some of the most common types of flooring in the home. Continue reading

Top 5 Carpet Stains & How to Prevent Them

Carpets are a lovely choice for flooring, making rooms feel cosier and being softer underfoot than tiles, wood or laminates. However, when stains occur, carpet cleaning is often something people find frustrating and challenging, especially in the case of pale-coloured carpets. Luckily, we’ve put together our tips for preventing some of the most common carpet stains you may encounter. Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

We often view cleaning as a way to make our homes more presentable, whether it’s spotless bathrooms or ensuring our carpets don’t look in need of a thorough clean. However, there are actually a lot of other benefits too, especially if you don’t just stick to regular maintenance (like hoovering, dusting etc.) but also consider a deeper, professional clean. Here are some of the ways carpet cleaning could improve your health and well-being. Continue reading

How to Ensure Your House Is Pollen-free During Hay Fever Season

Pollen free house and spring cleaning in SurreySurrey and London have been hit by a heatwave this Spring which has left many enjoying the glorious weather, but for others, the sunshine can bring fresh suffering when a pollen bomb strikes from multiple trees in the UK at the same time. For those affected by hay fever, it can leave them feeling pretty rotten with itchy eyes, sneezing, headaches and tiredness being just some of the symptoms experienced.

Luckily, If there’s one place you can help make a pollen-free zone, it’s your house, creating a haven where you can feel at ease to recover. Follow our top tips for making this a reality. Continue reading

How to bring life back to a worn carpet

A new carpet is a delightful addition to the home. It has that distinctive new carpet smell, a springy feel as you walk across it, and a beautifully smart appearance. Over time, however, carpets do become worn – whether this is simply from walking on them every day or due to slight damage caused by say moving furniture on them or somebody dragging mud in on their shoes. But this doesn’t mean that you need to accept living with a worn carpet or buy a replacement: there are many ways that you can bring life back to an old carpet. Here are a few tips for doing so. Continue reading

The benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

It’s amazing how much of a difference clean carpets can make to the overall appearance of your home. Often, we don’t even realise how dirty our carpets are getting, and it is only when they are thoroughly cleaned that we appreciate the beautiful results. While giving your carpets a quick vacuum every so often (or, indeed, having a professional cleaner do this as part of a regular cleaning service) is generally enough to keep your home looking neat and presentable, investing in a professional carpet-cleaning service every few months is the best option for ensuring your lovely upholstery looks as good as new for as long as possible. Continue reading

Do you trust your cleaner?

We’ve all heard horror stories about sticky-fingered cleaners who help themselves to an item or two while you’re not looking. In fiction, the housemaid or butler is always the one to get framed for pinching the silverware. While many claims are unfounded, it is important that you trust your cleaner if you are going to let them into your house. But how can you be sure your cleaner is honest without following them suspiciously from room to room? Continue reading