Carpets are a lovely choice for flooring, making rooms feel cosier and being softer underfoot than tiles, wood or laminates. However, when stains occur, carpet cleaning is often something people find frustrating and challenging, especially in the case of pale-coloured carpets. Luckily, we’ve put together our tips for preventing some of the most common carpet stains you may encounter.

Liquid Spillages

There’s nothing worse than accidentally spilling something like coffee or wine onto your carpet. It’s too easy to grab a cloth and start scrubbing, but this is likely to make the stain worse and work it into the carpet fibres. Instead, blot the stain gently to soak it up using something like a paper towel which absorbs fluids easily. This will draw the liquid directly away from your carpet. Start from the outside to prevent it spreading.

Discover the expert tricks & tips to keeping your carpets looking clean & healthy. Advice for preventing carpet stains caused by blood, dirt, food crumbs, liquids & pets. Understand when to ask for a professional carpet clean

Pet Stains

We love our pets, but that doesn’t stop them producing a whole range of things which can stain our carpets, whether it’s bringing in outside particles or having a toilet accident. You may have even noticed an unpleasant odour alongside any stains they’ve left. Speak to a professional cleaner about the best types of carpet shampoo to use to remove the stain and any residue.


Dirt and other particles are often brought in from the outside, especially on shoes and clothing. One of the easiest ways to prevent this type of stain is to stop it coming into your home in the first place. This includes a no-shoes policy and doormats. However, if dirt has gotten onto your carpet, run your vacuum over the area the minute you spot it.

Food & Crumbs

If you’ve noticed any crumbs on your carpet, hoover them up as soon as possible. If you leave them, they will be walked or sat on, crushing them into small particles which will work their way deeper into the carpet fibres and cause a stain. Some preventative measures you can take is limiting eating to specific rooms in the house like the kitchen and dining area, or using trays if food is ever eaten on laps.


Blood is one of the worst stains to experience on your carpets. Try to soak it up with the blotting technique before it dries. However, with this type of organic stain, it may leave a residue. If the blood has dried, try loosening it with a wire brush and then hoover. If you use any water on the bloodstain, it should be cold rather than hot, as heat may cause the stain to set in more. Think about whether it’s time for a deep carpet clean, as professionals will have stronger products to help break down stubborn stains without damaging your carpets.

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