We often view cleaning as a way to make our homes more presentable, whether it’s spotless bathrooms or ensuring our carpets don’t look in need of a thorough clean. However, there are actually a lot of other benefits too, especially if you don’t just stick to regular maintenance (like hoovering, dusting etc.) but also consider a deeper, professional clean. Here are some of the ways carpet cleaning could improve your health and well-being.

How can professional carpet cleaning improve your health? We look at allergies & breathing issues, air quality, hay fever, germs & mental health. Find out the importance of removing allergens & pollutants from your carpet.

Improve Allergies & Breathing Problems

The British Lung Foundation has spoken about how allergens in the home can trigger allergies and make breathing problems such as asthma worse. Your carpet can hold a lot of different particles which may set off your symptoms, including pet hair, dust mites and even mould spores, meaning that you’ll be coming into direct contact with things you’re allergic to. If they become airborne, they can get into everything from your furniture to pillows. Rather than disturbing the allergens in the carpet yourself, ask a professional company to perform a deep carpet clean for you, and then keeping a regular cleaning schedule afterwards to continually remove sources of your allergies.

Better Air Quality

As you walk across your carpet, it breaks down particles stuck in the fibres and can release any toxic pollutants which have become attached. Professionals use powerful carpet shampoo products and techniques to remove the trapped pollutants before they get released and affect the air quality in your home. They’ll also have tools which can help reduce moisture trapped in your carpets which could be causing mould and mildew to develop, especially when we’ve had particularly humid weather.

Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms

We all know how rotten hay fever can be, and many people remain indoors as much as possible when their symptoms start playing up. However, did you know that pollen hidden in your carpet fibres could be making your hay fever worse? It can be brought in on clothes, hair, pets and feet, transferring to your carpets really easily. Carpet cleaning can help reduce the amount of pollen present in your home.

Kill Germs

Another health benefit of carpet cleaning is removing germs harbouring in your carpet. Professional cleaners can use high temperature methods to eliminate bacteria in your carpet which could be affecting your family’s health.

A Brighter Outlook

While it’s important to think about how a dirty environment affects us physically, also consider how a clean home could improve your mental health too. Psychologists have spoken about how a clean and organised home can help with a positive mindset, reducing stress and anxiety. It ensures you have an environment which you’re happy to spend time in and relax, rather than feeling negative about your living spaces.

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