Some of the toughest spots in the home to keep stain and odour free are fabrics, which is why carpet and upholstery cleaning is such a vital skill. If your flooring has developed stains from things like spillages, pets or dirt from shoes, there are some great ways to reduce their impact. Here are some of the best carpet stain removal techniques to try.

Blot Spillages

We’ve all felt our stomachs drop as that glug of wine or orange juice falls towards our carpet, but if the spillage has just happened, the best technique is to use blotting. Always know where you have super-absorbent materials available, such as kitchen roll or a suitable cloth.

Once you’ve grabbed what you need, resist the urge to start scrubbing, as this will just work the liquid deeper into the fibres. Press firmly, blotting the spill and allowing the liquid to draw up into the cloth. You should always start from the outer edges of the stain to stop the liquid from spreading further.

Loosen Dry Dirt

Don’t panic if your pet or one of the kids has trodden wet dirt through your home. One of the best things you can do is to ensure it’s not worked into the fibres further, allowing it to dry. You can then hoover up the dried particles to stop them from creating stains, and use a bristle or wired brush if you need to loosen the mud slightly, using gentle strokes.

Carpet cleaning guides - use the best carpet stain removal techniquesAvoid Chemicals

Unless you’ve tried and tested a chemical product on your carpet before, these harsh products may cause more damage if you don’t use them correctly. Therefore, if you need a better technique to remove a carpet stain, try some gentler methods first with things you already have around the home.

For example, a simple homemade detergent many people like to use is mixing a little washing up liquid with warm water in a bottle. Be careful how much you spray as you don’t want wet carpets, and use a blotting technique to remove it until the stain has reduced.

You could also add a little baking soda to the troublesome spot (only when completely dry) and then vacuum the powder up after about 20 minutes.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

If you need a deep carpet clean, it’s a good idea to get some professional help, saving you time, energy and even money as you won’t have to buy specialist products and equipment. Choosing an expert carpet cleaning service is one of the best ways to restore the look of your floors while tackling some of those tough stains you just can’t shift. They’ll use professional techniques to remove anything from your carpet that shouldn’t be there, from crumbs and dirt to pet hair, pollen and dust mites.

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