Whether you’re deep cleaning for the festive period or looking to give your home an in-depth clean, one of the areas you may want to tackle is your upholstery. From unsightly stains on your sofa to odours coming from cushions, there are lots of ways to get your upholstery looking, smelling and feeling fresher. Follow these top tips.

Upholstery cleaning guides - how to remove stains & odours from furnitureWhy Should You Keep Upholstery Clean?

As much as you try to keep up with regular cleaning tasks, it’s often a challenge trying to keep your home looking as good as a deep clean achieves. That’s because it’s easy to miss some of those finer details like cleaning around your picture rails and skirting, door frames and light fittings. Areas like your carpets and upholstery can also have a significant impact on the overall feel of a room.

Upholstery refers to the textile coverings you see on your furniture, such as padded chairs, sofas and comfy armchairs. When they’re regularly in use, they pick up everything from food and drink stains, to absorbing dust and dirt we carry on our clothes, feet and hair. Pets can also add to increased odours in the room, especially if they’re prone to curling up on your sofa.

Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

Upholstery cleaning doesn’t require the same techniques as carpet cleaning as the materials can be very different. Carpets use synthetics, compared to the fabrics chosen for furniture padding and cushions. Upholstery materials are often more sensitive to strong chemicals like those used for carpet cleaning, so you must always use products suitable for the surface you clean. You can buy good upholstery cleaners, usually in the form of a spray. If you do this, always read the instructions carefully.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Always think about each element which could be making your upholstery look dirty, dull and tired.

Dust can be removed with a strong vacuum nozzle, and you can also use a soft-bristled brush and dustpan to remove crumbs if there are any spilt on the cushions.

For stains, always blot at the time of the spillage rather than scrubbing, absorbing as much of the liquid as possible. A damp cloth with a gentle detergent may be required for food stains or any remaining marks.

If you want to clean your covers, open the zip and see if they are machine washable. Many people don’t realise that many are, creating a really easy way to get your sofa cushions back to looking their best. Some may advise hand washing is better, and you should always take note of the correct temperature for the wash.

To reduce pet odours, cover your seats in washable throws or blankets.

Would you like your upholstery professionally cleaned?

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