With the Government announcing the new guidelines on how families can mix over the festive period while the Covid-19 pandemic continues, many people are thinking about how to keep their homes as clean as possible this Christmas. However, deep cleaning at this time of year is a great idea whatever the circumstances as it can reduce stress and help the place feel fresh before the seasonal activities begin. Here’s our guide to deep cleaning for the festive period.

Deep cleaning for the festive period - easy tips & advice for homeownersDon’t Wait to Start Cleaning

Many families decide to put off any deep cleaning until the New Year when it’s time to take the decorations down, clean up after the festivities and start the year with a fresh and tidy home. However, this can leave you with a huge task in January, as well as creating more hassle over the Christmas period where there are dirt and dust building up in your spaces. Give your house a deep clean before decorating, starting with a fresh canvas to create some festive magic. It also means that come January, it’s much easier to clean up and get your home looking back to its best.

Declutter Your Home

It’s really useful to have a decluttering session during the festive season to feel more organised, making room for all those extra presents the kids get and ensuring your home feels welcoming and comfortable. This is often the first step before starting a deep clean, making the process easier as you can reach more spots and see instant results.

Achieve Stress-Free Hosting

Deep cleaning your home can ensure hosting is as hassle-free as possible, from organising fresh bedding for guests to creating a spotless kitchen before the chaos begins. Many people also choose to invest in an oven cleaning service in December to ensure their appliances are ready to take on the extra cooking duties.

Create Hygienic Spaces

There’s nothing worse than visiting someone else’s home and feeling like you’re in a dirty environment, so ensure you create hygienic spaces by doing a detailed clean. This means hitting those spots you sometimes miss, including skirting, door frames, appliances and more. Think ‘floor to ceiling’ cleaning which covers almost every surface in your rooms. For the ultimate stress-free Christmas, book a professional to deep clean your home before and after your family arrives to ensure the space feels clean and safe. It can also help eliminate any germs and bacteria lurking on surfaces, floors and even your upholstery.

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