Are you considering a professional carpet clean? Over time, carpets often lose that ‘brand new’ feel as they’re walked on, and anything from dust to dirt get worked into the fibres. That’s why a deeper clean can transform the look and feel of your rooms.

There are plenty of reasons you should consider expert carpet cleaning services, and here are just a few.

Book a professional deep clean for your carpet if you spot any of these in your home. Includes tough carpet stains, unpleasant odours & allergies. Expert cleaners can make your carpet look & feel new. Get top tips now.There are visible stubborn stains

We all know the feeling of horror when carpet stains occur – caused by anything from spills to dirt. If you’re struggling to remove tough carpet stains, everyday cleaning techniques aren’t going to cut it, especially if they’ve been ingrained for a while. Expert cleaning companies can assess the stain and use the right products and tools to help lift the stain without damaging your carpet further.

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You can smell unpleasant odours

If you’ve got kids, pets or have an old carpet, it’s possible for odours in the fibres to linger, and you can start to smell them in your home. This could be caused by anything from food and mildew to other contaminants, reaching past the fibres into the backing material too. If you’ve noticed a musty smell or something unpleasant, ask for a deep carpet clean to leave them smelling fresh again.

You have allergies or hayfever

It’s not just dirt which clings to carpet fibres, but particles like dust mites, pet hair and pollen too, transferring via clothes, shoes and open windows. This can trigger allergies, including hayfever, so many people like to get their carpets deep cleaned to remove allergens. Don’t let a dirty carpet affect your health.

You want them to look new again

Have you spring cleaned, added a lick of paint or undergone a renovation, yet noticed some of your rooms still have a ‘dull’ appearance? The look of your floors and carpets could be bringing down the overall appearance of each space. If you’ve had some work done to your rooms, your carpets may have experienced a higher level of dust, shoe particles and general debris than ever before. Clients are amazed when they see the results of their carpets, often commenting that they ‘look as good as new’. You could also choose this option if you’re trying to sell your home or find new tenants.

You’ve never had your carpet cleaned

If you’ve never had your carpet professionally cleaned, it’s never too late to start! Perhaps you have guests coming to stay, would like to give your rooms an uplift or want to ensure your carpets are easier to maintain. Many homeowners request an annual deep clean for their carpets or book this service as and when they need it. It’s a great way to extend the life of your carpets. You could also pair this service with upholstery cleaning too, which you can use for furniture such as sofas, chairs and cushions.

Create a cleaner, hygienic home with a professional carpet clean.

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