A new carpet is a delightful addition to the home. It has that distinctive new carpet smell, a springy feel as you walk across it, and a beautifully smart appearance. Over time, however, carpets do become worn – whether this is simply from walking on them every day or due to slight damage caused by say moving furniture on them or somebody dragging mud in on their shoes. But this doesn’t mean that you need to accept living with a worn carpet or buy a replacement: there are many ways that you can bring life back to an old carpet. Here are a few tips for doing so.

Ultimate carpet cleaning guides: carpet maintenance & restoration adviceGet rid of snags

Some carpets can look tatty when bits of thread gather at the edges or at random points on the floor, often caused by a piece of furniture being moved. Snipping these carefully (rather than pulling them and causing unsightly runs) will instantly make your carpet look smarter.

Carpet rakes

Some people use carpet rakes to neaten their worn carpets. They are not suitable for woven carpets, but they can be an instant remedy for other types. The specially designed rakes are smaller than the garden kind, and have plastic or metal teeth that, when run through an old carpet, make the fibres look tidy and like they haven’t been trodden on hundreds of times!

Hire a professional cleaner

The easiest way to bring your carpet back to life is to hire a professional cleaner. They have the equipment and tools needed to do a really thorough clean on all types of carpets – from removing stubborn stains and restoring upholstery to making the carpet fibres look as good as new. All you need to do before the professional cleaner arrives is clear the space as much as possible so that they can easily access all areas of the carpet. There are many methods of professional carpet cleaning – such as steam cleaning, shampooing and dry cleaning – but the option the cleaner chooses will be based on the individual requirements of your carpet. If you live in Hampton or Wimbledon and are looking for carpet cleaning we can book in an appointment.

Keep your carpet looking amazing

Maintaining your carpet is the best way to ensure that it stays looking beautiful at all times. Simple things like making sure everyone takes their shoes off before walking on the carpet can make a huge difference. Regular cleaning is also important, as it prevents dirt and grime building up, which can cause carpets to discolour. You may also like to carefully move your furniture around every so often, as this will help to ensure that some parts of the carpet do not get worn out more quickly than others (though, of course, this cannot be fully prevented).

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