Professional cleaning services aren’t just about giving a property a quick hoover and dust, but ensuring every part of your home is clean from the floor up to the ceilings. Here are some of the areas expert cleaners can help you with.

Domestic cleaning experts: Guide for floor to ceiling cleaning in your home

Floors & Carpet Cleaning

How often your floors need cleaning can depend on a number of factors, including how much they’re walked across, as well as the type of flooring you have. Experienced cleaners always assess the right cleaning methods for the specific floor you have, whether it’s tiles, carpets or something else. Don’t forget to schedule a deep carpet clean as well as regular vacuuming. This not only prolongs the life of your carpets and improves its appearance, but there are also multiple health benefits of carpet cleaning too.

Along the Walls

There are certain parts of any home which always seem to pick up more dust, usually because of the material they’re made from, where they’re located and how much they show up any particles clinging to them. These areas are sometimes quite fiddly to clean, meaning they often get left out. Cleaners which make sure these spots are covered, including skirting, dado rails, light switches, window sills and architraves around door frames, as well as the doors and handles themselves. They’ll even wipe over radiators and bannisters for you.


Professional cleaners will make sure all surfaces are left sparkling, as well as cupboard drawers and doors. Remember that every so often you may like to clear out these areas and request the insides to be cleaned too. Experts also clean spots such as your sink and taps, which are known for picking up limescale thanks to regular use.


While many people think cleaners won’t touch any valuable appliances, this is far from the case. Many professionals will be more than happy to ensure areas such as your microwave, oven and extractor fan are clean, and they may offer a specialist service for this type of cleaning.


From your glass and mirrors to your bath and toilets, practically any part of your home can be cleaned. Cleaners who have great attention to detail will even spot if your lamp shades are looking a little dusty and provide them with a spring clean. If you’d like to give aspects such as your curtains and furniture an uplift, consider upholstery cleaning services.


There’s nothing worse than feeling like your home is looking spotless, only to glance up and realise there’s plenty of dust and cobwebs gathering in those hard to reach areas higher up. Good cleaners won’t forget these spots, ensuring pictures rails, cornices and your ceiling aren’t bringing down how clean your rooms look.

Want floor to ceiling cleaning for your home?

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