Do you ever feel like you’ve cleaned your home for hours and somehow it doesn’t feel fresh like you wanted it to? Or maybe you think you’ve done a thorough job, but it doesn’t take long before it looks and feels dirty again. Sometimes, the methods and techniques used when cleaning the home could actually be making them dirtier or making issues worse. Here’s why.

Using Dirty Mops & Cloths

Think about the cleaning tools you’re using and how to keep them clean. Many types of mops now have interchangeable heads, and you should regularly wash your cloths and sponges, or simply replace them. Many people make the mistake of using the same items time and time again, spreading grime clinging to the surface around the same area you’re trying to clean. You could even designate a different microfibre mop to specific areas of the home to keep an eye on what you’re using them for.

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Scrubbing at Carpet Stains

If you’ve got old carpet stains which just won’t budge, they’re probably deeply ingrained in your carpet fibres. Therefore, scrubbing at them is only going to work them further into the carpet material. Ask your cleaning company for a professional carpet clean. They’ll use the best products and techniques to remove stains without causing more damage, and they can even do this for your upholstery too.

Keeping Windows Open

While spring and summer is the ideal time to throw open your windows, have you noticed these areas becoming dirtier? Lots of people get the urge to open their windows as they’re cleaning, but this could immediately invite more outdoor particles to come inside, especially on a windy day. Moreover, if you have anyone in your family who suffers from hay fever, you could be inviting pollen into your rooms.

Using Too Much Water

Think about how much water you’re using when cleaning your floors, and whether this is suitable for the type of flooring being cleaned. For example, DIY steam cleaning could result in waterlogged carpets which are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially if you’ve turned your heating up to dry them out. You also need to be careful about using lots of water on wooden floors or close to wooden skirting. This could cause warping and rot to form.

Cleaning in the Wrong Order

Undertaking cleaning tasks in an illogical order could leave your home dirtier than when you started. Think about which techniques are going to cause particles to fall onto other surfaces so that you can plan how you clean. For example, dusting shelves could cause particles to fall onto countertops below or your floors, so this should be done first. Top to bottom cleaning is often recommended, moving around the room in the same direction as you tackle each level of surfaces.

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