When we think about different domestic cleaning tasks, there are some which are quick and easy to do, and there are those which we put off for as long as possible. Here are some of the most hated cleaning jobs around the home and easy solutions to tackle them.

Domestic cleaning essentials - easy solutions to hated home cleaning jobsFridge Cleaning

Cleaning in and around your fridge and freezer is one of those tasks you often leave until you have to do it. This is usually when you can’t face the sticky shelves any longer, or there’s a lot of crumbs and dust building up in the narrow spaces between the fridge and the cabinets or wall. This could start to affect how clean your kitchen looks, cause bad smells in your fridge and even stop it work efficiently if dust builds up in areas such as the condenser.

EASY SOLUTION: Carefully wiggle the fridge out of its space to reach challenging areas behind and under it, temporarily unplugging if necessary. Fridge shelves can be taken out separately and washed up in warm and soapy water.

Cleaning the Bins

While they’re great around the home help us keep the place tidy, the actual bin itself can be a home for all kinds of germs and grime to build up, especially in the kitchen where food and liquids may seep out of the bag. This can start to cause nasty smells to develop in this area of the home, not to mention looking less than clean.

EASY SOLUTION: Take the bin outside to clean and hose the inside to add some pressure on any stubborn food. You can then fill it with hot and soapy water, before disinfecting it later on. Don’t forget the outside too, which can start to gather dust and dirt over time.

Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is one of the most hated domestic chores because it can be a frustrating task that requires the right products and techniques to leave it looking sparkling. It’s a difficult job thanks to the burnt food which has built up in the oven, as well as the different elements involved, from grimy grills and oven dishes to a dirty base and sides.

EASY SOLUTION: Good products are the key to easy oven cleaning – We recommend the Oven Pride range for excellent results.

Bathroom Cleaning

While not an individual task, bathroom cleaning encompasses a range of jobs which aren’t enjoyable, from cleaning toilets to dealing with the grouting between tiles. Bathrooms have one of the greatest variety of surfaces when compared to other rooms, including shower screens, mirrors, ceramics, metals, glass and even carpets. You can also get mould and mildew forming thanks to additional humidity, condensation and water spilt in this area.

EASY SOLUTION: Use products which have been designed specifically for the different bathroom surfaces, using non-abrasive sponges so that you don’t damage anything.

Looking for all in one cleaning solutions?

The easiest way to keep all those problematic areas of your home clean is to use the services of an expert cleaner. Efficient Cleaning London offers regular domestic cleaning services in Molesey, Surbiton, Teddington and surrounding areas. Contact us now for a no-pressure chat about our services and prices.