When using a professional cleaner, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure they can achieve the best results in your home. Although they’ll bring their best cleaning skills to ensure your property remains sparkling, some of the products, equipment and tools you supply can enhance the results as much as possible. Follow our helpful advice.

1.      Ask which cleaning products are preferred

Every cleaning company will have their favourites when it comes to cleaning products they prefer to use. This will often depend on the job at hand. For example, Cif cream is a great multi-purpose product, ideal for removing stains and tough grease. There are also lots of great products for particular surfaces, such as stainless steel, wood and ceramics. If your cleaner is undertaking a specific job, such as cleaning your oven, they may recommend a product they know always gets the best results. Check if they have a list of preferred items.

2.      Think about your flooring

The cleaning tools and products required will often depend on the type of flooring you have, so speak to your cleaner about what they need for specific floor materials. For example, if you mainly have carpets, there may be a vacuum cleaner range they can recommend for best results. However, if you have a lot of wooden floors, buying a set of microfibre mops is preferable, alongside products ideal for use with wood.

3.      Don’t forget your surfaces

Cleaners want to be able to do a thorough job, but it can be hard to clean surfaces if the materials or products supplied are going to cause damage. For example, many homeowners think the sponges with the abrasive green scourer are the best ones to get, but these can scratch certain surfaces. Non-scratch scourers are a safer choice.

4.      Have a quick tidy

It’s harder to clean if there’s lots of clutter and mess lying about. While cleaners never expect anything to be tidy, to help them get the best results, always spend a few minutes quickly tidying up anything which may get in their way. For example, if you expect your kitchen surfaces to be wiped down, pop all your used plates and cutlery in the dishwasher before they get there. Or if they hoover each week, make sure the floor isn’t covered in toys or anything else which is difficult to manoeuvre around. It means they’ll have more time to spend making your home look spotless.

5.      Washing tips for easy ironing

If you’ve hired a cleaner for an ironing service, there are some things you can do when washing which helps them iron out creases as well as they can. This includes using a good fabric softener and folding large items neatly (such as bed linen or table cloths) before you put them in the washing machine. One of the most tricky pieces to iron is men’s shirts, but you can air dry them on hangers for best results.

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