We all know what a chore cleaning can be, but it’s all worth it when you see how sparkling your home looks afterwards. However, if you don’t use the right methods to clean the various surfaces within your home, you could end up causing more damage than good. That’s why it’s so important to assess what needs cleaning and the right products and techniques required. Follow our expert cleaning tips.

Assessing Stains

Stains are one of the biggest headaches for homeowners, which is why assessing the stain is so vital. If it’s fresh, then you can deal with it quickly, but if it’s an old stubborn mark, you need to be careful about how you manage it. Using the wrong techniques could cause damage to the surface. For example, if you have a carpet stain, scrubbing it not only rubs the stain deeper into the fibres but can also start to untwist them. This could cause the treated area to look distorted, even if you do manage to remove the stain. Always blot spills, use a specialist carpet stain remover and ask a professional company about their deep carpet cleaning services.

Using the Right Products

Cleaning products are often full of chemicals which could be harmful to your flooring and surfaces if they’re not compatible. Most good products will clearly state on the label which types of surface they can be used on, and you’ll often find ones which cater to specific materials. This includes hardwood floor cleaners, which won’t damage the wood. This is a particularly sensitive material because of its reaction to moisture, often suffering from warping and rot if it absorbs too much water over time. In fact, many types of surface only need a little bit of cleaning fluid or water, not a drenching. Ask your cleaner about the products they’d recommend.

Using the Right Tools & Techniques

It’s not just the wrong product which causes damage to surfaces. You need to be careful about the techniques used too. For example, something as simple as an abrasive sponge could scratch your metal taps, plastics, mirrors and ceramics, especially if working on tough stains. Try to use tools which are soft but still effective. Professional cleaners love microfibre mops for this reason. They can be used both dry and wet to clean your floors, picking up everything from dust and dirt to pet hair, crumbs and microparticles. They achieve a deeper clean without having to use as much effort. You can also use microfibre cloths for other surfaces, including stainless steel, marble and granite, chrome, windows, mirrors, showers, bathtubs and more.

Speak to a Professional Cleaner

If you’d like to make your life easy, why not speak to a professional cleaner about taking on some of your weekly cleaning tasks? Here at Efficient Cleaning London, we work across South West London and Surrey, providing high-quality cleaning services in Twickenham, Thames Ditton and Putney. Contact us now to discuss what we can do for you.