Cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom

Cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom

Cleaning your electrical appliances in the kitchen, lounge and bedroom can make a real difference to the overall appearance of cleanliness in your home. They are easy to overlook if you are in a hurry to get the place looking spotless; but, because they are generally small and unusually shaped, they gather dust and grime quickly, which means that they need to be cleaned regularly. Steel kettles, for example, can soon lose their shine and start to look dull – often due to the build-up of oil and grease in the kitchen – while stereo systems and TVs can quickly form a layer of dust that means the lounge doesn’t feel as fresh as it should, even after you’ve hoovered and polished the surfaces. With this in mind, here are some tips on how you can make your home appliances sparkle as part of a ‘quick blitz’ on your home.

Before we start, just a quick reminder to please unplug appliances before you clean them!

Kitchen appliances

There are a number of kitchen appliances that you can clean quickly while giving your home a once-over. Of course, you can always hire a professional cleaner to do all this for you. The microwave, for example, can get dirty quickly. A great tip for cleaning your microwave is to put a cup of lemon and water in it first, and put it on full for three minutes. The steam from the water will soften food remains so that they are easier to remove, while the lemon will add freshness. Then, simply put the turntable in some soapy water to soak, and thoroughly clean the interior and exterior, before putting it all back together.

Another appliance that needs a regular clean is your toaster – to do so, remove the debris from the crumb tray and put the tray in to soak, along with the toasting racks and knobs. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside, and buff the surface with a dry towel or cloth to make it shine. Once everything is clean and crumb-free, you can reassemble it. You can use the same ‘wipe and buff’ method for your kettle, coffee machine, cake mixer and whatever else you have!

Lounge appliances

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you may have all sorts of electrical appliances in your lounge – from TVs and DVD players to stereo systems, electric pianos and standing fans. Keeping them free from dust can be tricky, as they have lots of fiddly parts. The best option is to give them a regular polish – using a duster, as well as a cloth and some surface polish – to keep dust at bay before it settles. If you leave dust to build up over months, it can be a hassle to get rid of, although a professional cleaner can easily sort this for you.

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