Running an Airbnb property is a big commitment. There are lots of bases to cover to ensure it is profitable and customers have a good experience. A clean and hygienic environment is key to creating a welcoming and comfortable space, and you need to meet this standard for every guest visit.

However, keeping an Airbnb clean is harder than it looks, as practically every nook is available to guests who will treat each space as their home for a few days or weeks. If your next visitor finds crumbs in cupboards, stained linen or an unsanitary bathroom, they won’t be happy. The guest may even voice their displeasure through an official complaint or a bad review, affecting your future booking potential.

Luckily, there are some tricks and tips for keeping your property clean, and here are just a few.

Create a cleaning checklist

If you want a high-quality clean every time, standardising the process is a good idea, including the use of a cleaning checklist.

This will list all the spots to check or clean, from the insides of cupboards and wardrobes to window sills and appliances. It can also include specific jobs, like replenishing tea and coffee supplies or changing linen and towels.

If you’re hiring a professional cleaner, they will need a copy of the list at the time of quote.

Achieve fast turnarounds

Airbnbs can be highly profitable, but a fast turnaround between guests is essential. There are sometimes just a few hours before the next visitors arrive after the previous departure.

As well as a well-organised cleaning operation, you should make life simple by setting up regular online orders to replenish items like toilet rolls, bathroom amenities and tea bags. If your property hasn’t got a washing machine, set up an account with your local laundrette service for bedding and towels so you can collect fresh linen and drop off used items when required.

If you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know how much time to leave between bookings, but this is something a professional cleaning company can help you with.

Hire a professional Airbnb cleaning company

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to keep your Airbnb clean is to outsource the job to a professional. They’ll have the experience and know-how to achieve a full and thorough clean of your property in impressive time, covering every aspect requested.

They may also provide you with a detailed cleaning list to allow you to select which tasks need completing, making your life easy. You can even give your cleaner photos of how your property is listed so they can see how you like the place arranged, putting everything back as it should be.

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