At Efficient Cleaning London, we work in all weathers, and this includes hot weather in the summer or when the heating is turned up high in winter. However, there are some really simple tricks to keeping cool as you clean your house. Don’t let the heat put you off keeping your home as clean as you want it to be.

Follow these top tips.

How to Stay Organised

If you know you’ll be cleaning a warm home that could leave you feeling a little hot and sweaty as you work, getting organised is one of the tricks to staying cool. Make sure you have everything at hand you need in each room before you begin, including hoovers, cloths and sprays. You could also time the cleaning for when the house is coolest, such as first thing in the morning.

You could also prepare rooms beforehand to bring the temperature down. If it’s hot weather, this could be through closing blinds, opening windows, turning off appliances emitting heat or turning on fans. If it’s winter, but your home is warm because you have others who don’t like the cold, try turning off radiators as you go from room to room.

House cleaning guides - top tips for how to clean your home in hot weatherUse the Right Cleaning Tools & Products

One of the best ways to clean a house efficiently so that you get the best results in minimal time is to always have the right cleaning products and tools at hand. You’ll make the job easier if you’re not scrubbing away at dust and marks for too long.

For example, many people think you need to use chemicals to sanitise areas such as your sinks and worktops. However, using warm water with a microfibre cloth can work even better, picking up dirt and dust particles by simply wiping over the affected area.

If you’d like more information about some of the cheap and easy products you can use to get fast results, head to our cleaning tips.

Ask for Cleaning Help

Homeowners often put extra pressure on themselves by feeling like they have to undertake the bulk of house cleaning themselves, so dividing up chores is an easy place to start. Many people find their homes and lives are transformed when they invest in a professional cleaner who can help lighten the load, whether you need regular assistance, a one-off deep clean, ironing help or rug cleaning.

Many people choose this solution when they can’t face cleaning in hotter weather, but end up keeping the service for the difference it makes to how they spend their free time. Think about all the cleaning tasks that you would love to give to someone else to do and make it happen.

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