After home renovations, it’s natural to want to reap the fruits of your labour. However, building work can create a lot of dust, and it can feel like it’s on every surface, including floors, walls, light switches and more. To make things stress-free, it’s a good idea to have a plan to ensure cleaning up after builders is quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy your freshly renovated spaces.

Here are our top tips for removing dust after building work.

Plan dust protection measures

If you’re still planning your home renovation, consider how dust protection measures can make post-build cleaning easier. For example, store away possessions, cover appliances, and lay down floor covers if possible. You should also check with your builder to see what they use to help reduce the impact of dust.

Carefully clean walls and ceilings

If you’ve just had your walls and ceilings painted, you’ll want to avoid using any products or abrasive cleaning materials that could affect the finish. Dry dusting is the best solution, avoiding moisture and liquids where possible. You can also use appropriate vacuum attachments, such as brush tools to get into crevices where dust has settled, such as skirting boards.

Tackle hard surfaces top-to-bottom

Work your way around the home from top to bottom in each space, dusting and wiping all hard surfaces. This includes both the outside and inside of cabinets and drawers, window frames, sills and ledges, door frames, handles, tiles, taps, sinks and toilets. Always be careful when using liquids around electrical devices and appliances, checking manufacturer instructions first.

Don’t forget upholstery cleaning

Even if you took the time to protect your upholstery, building dust and dirt will sometimes find a way of sneaking in through your covers. It’s best to remove the dust as quickly as possible before it’s ingrained, vacuuming furnishings, wiping over chair and bed frames, and using suitable cleaning products where necessary. You may even want to consider professional upholstery cleaning, removing dust and other containments from curtains, sofas, rugs, chairs, mattresses and other fabrics.

Use an after builders cleaning service

For a thorough finish and attention to detail, the easiest option is to use a professional after builders cleaning service. They’ll understand how to work methodically to remove all dust left behind after renovations, working as efficiently as possible. They’ll clean every nook and cranny where dust may be trapped, from obvious spots to places often missed, such as light fixtures, door frames and around power sockets, using safe cleaning methods to ensure no damage is caused to your property.

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