We love summer – the time for doors and windows to be kept constantly open, never having to worry about using the tumble-drier, and your house is filled with fresh air. Wonderful!

However, with summer comes some seasonal issues that can wreak havoc on your clean and tidy home, such as bad bin odours warming up in the heat and cool drinks leaving white water marks on your favourite furnishings

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In this quick guide, we reveal our top five tips for cleaning solutions to some common summer problems.

1.    How to get rid of bad bin odours

Bad bin odours can completely kill the serene clean feeling in your home. Our favourite hack is to clean your bin out, and then sprinkle some baking powder in the bottom of it to absorb any unsavoury odours.

2.    How to keep your kitchen fresh in summer

We tend to eat more fresh, perishable foods during the warmer months, and our fridges are often working double time to keep the contents cool in the heat. We recommend regularly cleaning your fridge where possible, keeping an eye on the back wall in case of any ice build-up and eating your salads before they have the chance to turn to smelly, sticky pulp (you’ll thank us for this later!).

3.    Beat summer hay fever with quality cleaning

With the open windows throughout summer, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get more dust sitting on windowsills and other ledges around the home, such as on your Venetian window blinds and your skirting boards. To avoid allergic reactions and setting off the hay fever sneezes, we recommend doubling up on your dusting during the warmer months.

4.    Prevent moss and mildew in humid spaces

Places such as washing machines and bathrooms will be used even more than usual throughout summer, making it crucially important to keep on top of your bathroom cleaning routine and leave any sealed doors (such as washing machine and shower doors) open when not in use so that the air can circulate. This helps to prevent moss and mildew forming (and prevention is definitely better than trying to get rid of it later!).

5.    How to remove water rings from furniture

It’s essential to stay refreshed and hydrated during the warmer weather, but with that comes the risk of white water rings on your prized possessions. In order to reverse the effects of this on your furniture, try putting a thick cotton cloth on the surface and applying a hot iron over the top for short periods at a time. You must remember though to first empty any water you have left in your iron before applying it to the cotton.

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