Ironing is one of the least enjoyable jobs around the house, and one of the main reasons for this is that it can seem like a never-ending task. Just when you think you can see the bottom of the laundry basket, another heap of clothes are there waiting to be ironed. This is especially true in households where there are children and teenagers. Luckily, as house cleaning gurus, we’ve got some top tips to reduce your ironing pile quickly.

Ironing service essentials - top ways to reduce your iron pile fastReduce Clothes Wrinkles

While many items of clothing will need ironing before they’re in any fit state to wear, some only warrant such a thorough treatment because of how the clothes are stored once they’ve come out of the washing machine. If you’re lucky enough to have a tumble dryer, shake out your clothes as you put them in, instead of drying them in a twisted wet ball. It’s also important not to leave your clothes in the machine or dryer too long after hearing the beep as you’ll end up with wrinkly clothes which are a huge pain to iron smooth. You’ll also reduce your ironing by air drying certain fabrics. You’ll soon find many of the creases in some shirts and dresses drop out after hanging up to dry instead.

Top Ironing Techniques

Lots of us have a steam iron, but how many actually know how to use the settings effectively? It’s well worth your time to read the instructions once, saving you hours of ironing time once you understand how to use the steam settings to your advantage. The correct techniques involve using a light spray feature to slightly moisten areas of the clothes before you iron them, making stubborn wrinkles and creases easy to remove with a puff of steam. You can also save a lot of time at the start of the process by sorting the clothes into piles according to the right temperature they need to be ironed at. Start with the delicates which require lower temperatures, working your way up to those which can withstand higher temperatures. This means everything will be ironed on the correct setting to speed up the entire process.

Stop Ironing Altogether

Of course, the easiest way to avoid the stress and hassle of the ironing pile is to use a professional ironing service. Adopting regular ironing help is the best way to free up time on your schedule and make a huge difference to your lifestyle. You can even ask for a one-off service if you’ve run out of time, have a lot of other commitments on that week or just want some more family time. Professional cleaners who offer this type of service can iron anything from clothes and underwear to bedding and tablecloths. So, if your ironing pile has become out of control, this is one of the fastest ways to remove the problem and is completely hassle-free.

Want your ironing pile to become a thing of the past?

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