The Fastest Ways to Reduce Your Ironing Pile

Ironing is one of the least enjoyable jobs around the house, and one of the main reasons for this is that it can seem like a never-ending task. Just when you think you can see the bottom of the laundry basket, another heap of clothes are there waiting to be ironed. This is especially true in households where there are children and teenagers. Luckily, as house cleaning gurus, we’ve got some top tips to reduce your ironing pile quickly. Continue reading

The benefits of investing in a professional ironing service

Hire in a professional ironing team

Hire in a professional ironing team

Ironing is just one of those tedious chores that everybody dreads. As it’s so time-consuming, we tend to keep putting it off, dipping into the pile as and when somebody urgently needs an item of clothing. Gradually, load by load, the ironing pile gets bigger and bigger until it simply has to be done (usually once you realise you’ve got no decent clothes left to wear). This means standing there for hours until every last piece of clothing is ironed, or splitting it up into batches throughout the week. Either way, when you’re busy looking after your children or going to work, it’s often just too difficult to find enough time in the day. Continue reading

Kids Gone to University? Get the House Cleaned While it’s Quiet

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand what it means to pick up someone else’s mess on a daily, or hourly, basis. Sometimes you can pick up the same item three or four times a day; each time one mess is tidied, another one appears. And if you’re trying to clean around a teenager – forget it! They can generate mess faster than you can clean it, and create a pile of washing to dwarf Ben Nevis each day.

If you’ve been living under huge heaps of un-ironed clothing for longer than you can remember, the day your kids disappear to university can signal a huge chance in your routines. What’s more, you could finally tackle all of the cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off since they were still in short trousers, now that you finally have the house to yourself.

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