When coming to the end of your tenancy or rental agreement, there’s always a lot to organise, from the moving out process to what you’ll need to take to your next home. Whether you’re a student heading back home or you’re moving into a new place, it’s important to get as much of your original deposit back as you can. Here are a few things to consider, including how end of tenancy cleaning services could help you get back your deposit in full.

Losing Your Rental Deposit

Once you leave your rented property, there are several ways your landlord may be able to make deductions from your deposit. This includes obvious factors such as unpaid rent, damage to the property or any items which are missing from a previously agreed inventory, but did you know they can also take out cleaning costs? If you’re moving out, always read your signed rental agreement thoroughly to see what you agreed to when you first moved in or renewed your tenancy. If your landlord does try to make a deduction, they must outline what the money will be used for and pay you the remaining balance. This could even include cleaning costs if you’ve left rubbish and mess throughout the property.

Leaving a Clean & Tidy Property

Most tenancy agreements will provide more information about how you must leave the property, which should be in a clean and tidy state similar to when you moved in. Again, make sure you read what’s required from you, as some rental agreements will even specify professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is needed. Always arrange this for the end of your tenancy to ensure that the property will be as clean as possible when your landlord or the letting agency completes their inspection. If you’re lucky, you may even have a few days after moving out before you have to hand over the keys, making it much easier to get the place back to looking spotless. If you do use a professional cleaning company, keep the receipt as proof of the service.

How End of Tenancy Cleaners Can Help

Many renters in the UK struggle to get their full deposit back, but that’s where end of tenancy cleaners can help. Make sure any company you use offers this type of cleaning as a specialist service, as they’ll understand what landlord and letting agencies will be looking for rather than general cleaning services. They’ll go through an end of tenancy checklist with you to ensure nothing is missed and may even provide other services you require such as carpet cleaning. Many people also find it removes a lot of the stress and hassle from the moving out process, especially if you’re on a tight schedule or there are several of you living at the property. It can be frustrating if you lose your deposit due to another tenant not leaving their own space clean and tidy.

Want to get your full deposit back?

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