We hear a lot about how to keep carpets clean, but what about wooden floors? From ash and beech to oak and walnut, timber floors look stunning in both modern and traditional homes. However, keeping them clean is a must. Otherwise, your floors can soon start to look dusty while picking up all sorts of grime.

Here are our top tips for how to clean wooden floors.

What are the different types of wooden flooring?

The first thing to bear in mind when planning to clean wooden floors is the type of timber installed. This includes solid wood floors with tongue and groove edges, engineered wood flooring manufactured using multiple layers and laminate flooring which isn’t made from real wood. Make a note of the type of floors you have so that any products you buy can be easily checked for suitability.

Hardwood cleaning tips

When it comes to everyday cleaning, using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment for hardwood flooring is perfectly fine between deep cleans. Many people also mop floors to keep them extra sparkling, but you must be careful about using excessive water on wooden surfaces. If you have any spills, ensure they’re wiped up and dried as quickly as possible.

There are several other things you can do to protect your wooden floors, from using soft pads under furniture to keeping pet nails trimmed. Some homeowners also like to add some shine with special waxes that can be buffed into the grain, but do some research on the best products first, as you don’t want to leave a build-up that can actually attract more dirt.

Using the right cleaning materials & products

While you may be tempted to reduce home cleaning costs, this should never be at the expense of your floors, as it can lead to extensive damage if you use the wrong type of chemicals.

Never pick any old general floor cleaner off the shelf for washing wooden floors. You must ensure chemical products you buy can be used on the type of flooring it’s intended for, so read the label carefully.

Flat microfibre mops are fantastic when used alongside special wood floor products. If you hire a professional cleaner, they’ll often be able to provide recommendations about the best products to order.

How to clean laminate floors

Be extra careful when cleaning laminate flooring, as it mimics natural wood, thanks to a photographic effect on the top layer.

Many homeowners have attempted to steam clean their laminate floors only to find the top layer peeling off or degrading. Excessive heat and water aren’t recommended for any type of wooden flooring, including laminates.

Hire a professional cleaner

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