Running a home can be expensive, but cleaning doesn’t have to break the bank. There are lots of ways you can reduce your costs while ensuring your house remains sparkling without cutting corners.

Here are our tips for saving money when cleaning your home.

Shop smart when buying cleaning products

With so much cleaning equipment and materials on the market, it can be easy to keep buying new products when you see them, only to use them once or twice.

While it’s important to only use chemicals and products suitable for the surface you’re applying them to, don’t get drawn in by marketing ploys. Simplicity is best, and most general dust and dirt around the home can be removed using microfibre cloths and warm water.

If in doubt, ask your local cleaning company what’s best to buy, and they may even have information about good cleaning materials to use on their website.

Implement eco-friendly cleaning practices

Whether you’re cleaning your bedding or dreaming of a spotless bathroom, save money while implementing green cleaning practices in your home. For example, you can save water and electricity by ensuring you only run the washing machine at full load or put on your dishwasher once it’s completely stacked.

This is also another reason not to buy too many harsh cleaning products, which can add more toxins into the environment, including the plastic bottles used.

Declutter your home

Cleaning homes is always easier if they’re tidy, so save time by decluttering, getting rid of anything you no longer use or want. You can sell unwanted items like gadgets and clothes in good condition while clearing the way for easy house cleaning from now on. Anything else can be recycled, donated or taken to your local household waste centre for sorting.

Get a bespoke cleaning service package

Time is money, so many people find they have more time to spend with their family or on work (especially if self-employed) if they outsource tasks to a professional cleaner.

Work with a company that’ll put together a bespoke cleaning package for your requirements. This includes anything from regular domestic cleaning tasks you’d like completed each week to ‘once in a while’ jobs like removing carpet stains.

You can even hand over your ironing to get back some much-needed time for other tasks.

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