With the festive season upon us, kitchens are getting ready for increased use, from lots of family cooking to visitors coming. While the kitchen is one of the most well-used areas of the home, it’s also a hotbed for dirt, grease and germs, so it’s a good idea to give it a deep clean at regular times in the year even if you’ve kept on top of weekly cleaning tasks.

Deep cleaning is the best way to maintain a safe and healthy environment. By following a systematic plan and using the right cleaning methods, you can turn your kitchen into a sparkling, germ-free room you’ll be proud to cook and entertain in.

So, whether you’re preparing your house for a Christmas party or need a refresh, here’s our step-by-step kitchen cleaning plan.

Clear space and declutter

The first step of your kitchen deep clean is to clear space, removing clutter and items from countertops, tables and other surfaces. This will not only make cleaning easier but also allow better access to all areas that need attention. Empty your fridge of expired items, and discard any empty or unusable containers.

Create a methodical kitchen cleaning plan

Create your cleaning plan, breaking down the process into small achievable tasks, starting from the top to the bottom. Focus on specific areas, tackling one spot at a time, such as the oven, cupboards or floors.

Plan to complete the major tasks first before a more detailed clean takes place, where small and overlooked areas (like backsplashes, light switches and baseboards) are freshened up. Always schedule floor cleaning last, as you’ll need to vacuum or sweep up debris left behind.

Sanitise kitchen countertops and sinks

Kitchen worktops and sinks are in frequent use. To keep them clean and germ-free, use the right cleaning products, depending on the material of your counters. For granite or marble, a gentle cleaner is recommended, and you should always check the manufacturer instructions before you begin.

Scrub sinks with a mixture of baking soda and water (or a special sink cleaner) to remove stains and odours before disinfecting with a kitchen-friendly product.

Clean your kitchen appliances and cupboards from top to bottom

Kitchen cupboards and appliances, from ovens and microwaves to fridges and dishwashers, require thorough cleaning to keep them sparkling. Always use products suitable for each type of appliance (e.g., a specific oven cleaner), and take a methodical approach to tackling both their interiors and exteriors.

You should also focus on cupboards and cabinets during a deep clean, paying close attention to handles and knobs, which can accumulate grease and grime after being touched.

Begin cleaning from the highest point in the room, such as the top of your fridge or upper cabinets. Dust and wipe down surfaces, working your way down to floor level. A top-to-bottom approach prevents dust and dirt from falling on already-cleaned areas.

Kitchen floor cleaning tips

Your kitchen floor deserves special attention, whether you have tiles or laminates, or you need careful wood floor cleaning. Begin by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris. You should then mop the floor with an appropriate cleaning solution.

A microfiber mop is effective at capturing dust and dirt without scratching the floor. And, if you have tile floors with grout, consider using a high-quality grout cleaner to brighten the lines.

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