These Are the Spots Most People Miss when Cleaning Their Home

Sometimes you think your home feels clean and tidy, but once you start looking at the details, you notice dust and dirt in places you hadn’t even thought of looking. With many planning a full spring clean of their home now the warmer weather is on the way, it’s important to do as thorough a clean as possible. The little details affect the results which is why those who use a professional cleaner notice a big difference to both the look and feel of each space. Here’s our guide to the spots that most people miss when cleaning. Continue reading

Is a Dirty Oven Affecting Your Cooking Success?

Do you have a cake that just won’t bake as the recipe describes? Perhaps you’re finding cooking times aren’t as expected? It could be because your oven is dirty, damaging its performance, affecting everything from the taste of your food to the temperatures that certain meals cook at best. Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading

How a Clean Home Helps You Achieve a Stress-Free Christmas

As much as we love the festive season, it can certainly raise stress levels when there are so many things to think about. As you’re starting to make your plans for this year’s Christmas activities, there’s a sure-fire way to make things easier. Maintaining a clean home may seem like the least of your priorities when there’s so much else going on, but it can actually help you achieve a stress-free December. Here’s our guide to enjoying your home more than ever this season. Continue reading

Why does your home look dirtier when the sun shines?

Why does your home look dirtier when the sun shines?When the sun shines, everything feels brighter and more positive, making us feel happier. This includes the home – it is lovely when the living space is flooded with natural light and you can throw open the windows to let the fresh air in. On the other hand, sunlight has an annoying habit of showing up all the little marks and dirty patches around our home, and highlighting any dust that has settled on the surfaces. So, during the summer months, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of your cleaning (or share the chores with a professional cleaner), so that your home looks fresh, sparkling and summery at all times. Continue reading

Do you know where the dirtiest parts of most kitchens are?

House cleaning guides: is your kitchen actually clean? | Efficient CleaningMost of us have some sort of daily routine for cleaning the kitchen, even if it’s just cleaning up after we’ve cooked. We might wipe the counters and perhaps sweep up any bits of food that have fallen onto the floor while we made dinner, and we’ll probably do the washing up or load up the dishwasher. Some homeowners will do a thorough clean of the kitchen every few months or so – perhaps clearing the surfaces and giving them a wash with disinfectant, washing down the cupboards, mopping the floor and cleaning the oven, fridge and freezer. But do you know where the dirtiest parts of your kitchen are? These should be the places you clean (or have cleaned by a professional) on a regular basis to stop germs spreading. Continue reading

Start the new year with a spick-and-span home

New year, new you. And new dazzlingly sparkly home. The first few weeks of 2018 are the perfect time to start putting plans in place for making your home look its best this year. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting together a hardcore cleaning schedule for yourself – it could simply mean deciding to invest in regular professional cleaning to keep your house looking spotless and freeing up some time for yourself. However you want to approach your new year’s resolution of keeping on top of housework and making your home look beautiful and tidy at all times, here are some tips to help you create a spick-and-span home for 2018. Continue reading

Preparing your home for a professional clean

Preparing your home for a professional clean in SurreyHiring a professional cleaner is all about making your life easier, ensuring that your home looks as sparkling and beautiful as possible at all times – even when your schedule is hectic.

As such, you should feel relaxed and like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders when your cleaner visits. There is very little that cleaners require homeowners to do beforehand, but it may put your mind at ease to do a bit of preparation – especially if this is your first clean. Here are just some quick tips about preparing your home for a professional clean. Continue reading

How to avoid house cleaning mishaps

How to avoid house cleaning mishaps, call in the experts in SurreyYour home is your palace, so making sure it is in tip-top condition at all times is probably a priority. If you take care to look after your home, then it can be frustrating when a cleaning mishap means that an unsightly stain or mark is left behind. Here are a few tips on how to avoid some of the most common house cleaning mishaps to make sure your home sparkles. Continue reading

Making your home appliances sparkle

Cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom

Cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom

Cleaning your electrical appliances in the kitchen, lounge and bedroom can make a real difference to the overall appearance of cleanliness in your home. They are easy to overlook if you are in a hurry to get the place looking spotless; but, because they are generally small and unusually shaped, they gather dust and grime quickly, which means that they need to be cleaned regularly. Steel kettles, for example, can soon lose their shine and start to look dull – often due to the build-up of oil and grease in the kitchen – while stereo systems and TVs can quickly form a layer of dust that means the lounge doesn’t feel as fresh as it should, even after you’ve hoovered and polished the surfaces. With this in mind, here are some tips on how you can make your home appliances sparkle as part of a ‘quick blitz’ on your home. Continue reading